Home News Which fingerprint placement is better, back or front?

Which fingerprint placement is better, back or front?

Which fingerprint placement is better, back or front?

Is the placement of the fingerprint scanner better on the back or front? Some might say fingerprint at the front is better as it allows you to unlock the phone quickly when placed on a surface. Other might say fingerprint on the back is better as it is easier to use when holding a device.

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Fingerprint unlock has become a standard in the midrange and flagship phones. Nowadays, most of the phones are equipped with the fingerprint scanner. But before a few years ago, password, PIN or unlock pattern were only used to unlock the phone. In general, the fingerprint scanner is placed in the front.

fingerprint scanner placed in the frontBut then there are some phones with full screen. In this case, the fingerprint is placed on the back of the phone. In fact, the working principle of the fingerprint on the back is similar to that of the front, except that the fingerprint module is placed on the back.

However, with the popularity of 18: 9 full-screen mobile phones this year, a number of mobile phones have begun to use fingerprint on the back. If in terms of convenience, forefinger is found to be more convenient and have more advantages. It provides more space for display and gives a beautiful look to the phone.

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Of course, there are other fingerprint solutions as well. Examples of such fingerprints are the fingerprint mounted on sides by Sony, the fingerprint unlocking technology released by ViVo last year and the latest iPhoneX 3D face recognition technology.

fingerprint scanner placed on the back

Different Smartphones users have different choices. So, we cannot exactly say if front or back fingerprint is good. What we can do is discuss together and infer a result from our discussions.


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