SUGAR C11 64-megapixel camera is the highest megapixel camera phone

sugar c11

Do you know about the highest megapixel camera phone? The inclusions of the 20-megapixel camera sensor on the mobile phone has been normal these days but what about 64-megapixel camera phone? Today we are talking about a camera phone which has a 64-megapixel camera. It is probably the highest megapixel camera phone up to date.

There are a bunch of full-screen mobile phones available on the market today. But today we are going to introduce you with a full-screen mobile phone, which is different from other full-screen mobile phones. Sugar, an unfamiliar mobile manufacturer from China has recently launched a new smartphone SUGAR C11 with a 64-megapixel camera. This smartphone is equipped with 5.7-inch, 18: 9 full-screen display. It is quite surprising that the resolution of 64-megapixels Camera Phone is just 720P. The rear panel of SUGAR C11 is made of metal and fingerprint has been placed in the rear. The screen to body ratio is 83%.

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The most surprising thing about SUGAR C11 is its camera. Not only is it equipped with 20 megapixels + 8-megapixel dual front camera, but the company also claims that although its rear lens is only 16 megapixels, it produces a 64-megapixel high-definition photo with multi-frame compositing. Thanks to the Visidon technology used in SUGAR C11. The picture detail remains clear even when enlarged to 22x. For those who like to take pictures, this feature is still relatively new.

SUGARC11 is the 64-megapixel camera phone

We are already familiar with the 20-megapixel camera sensor used in OPPO R11 20 megapixels and 24-megapixel camera sensor used in Vivo X20. These devices can provide users with excellent photo experience. This candy SUGARC11’s 64-megapixel camera looks more attractive on papers, but we aren’t sure if it can establish itself as the highest megapixels camera phone in terms of performance.

We would like to hear your views regarding the 64-megapixel camera used in SUGAR C11. Can we really call it the highest megapixel camera phone?


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