What is an eSIM Card?


You might have heard about eSIM card recently but you don’t know what this technology means?  Let us find out and explain this technology.

What is an eSIM card?

eSIM card as its name suggests is an Embedded SIM card. eSIM card is directly embedded on the phone chip instead of adding it as a separate removable component to the phone. To make you more clear, the user should not go through the hassle of inserting physical SIM card after the introduction of eSIM card.

Let us take a mobile phone as an example. Before you can use telephony services on a mobile phone, you must insert a physical SIM card. Finding or ejecting the SIM card slot, and placing the SIM card can be confusing at times. There are even occasions where you have to go to a mobile shop for the same purpose. The eSIM card is a virtual card that can be written directly to a mobile phone. Apple Watch Series 3, Huawei’s HUAWEI Watch 2 Pro, and Lenovo’s Miix 630 supports eSIM card currently.

The advantages of Using eSIM

One of the advantages of eSIM is that removes the hassle of removing and replacing SIM card on the part of users. It is worth mentioning that the traditional SIM cards are attached to a certain mobile network. If you want to change your mobile network, you have to replace the SIM card. With the help of eSIM card, you are free to switch between different operators at any time.

The use the eSIM card will remove the sim card slot, which means that mobile phone manufacturers can save some space with eSIM card option and we might eventually see even thinner mobile phones.

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The advantage of eSIM for Mobile phone operators is that they can eliminate the cost of manufacturing SIM cards. They can use this cost to improve their service. So, a mobile phone providing better quality service can get more customers as users will want to switch them and they can easily switch between different operators with eSIM.

What next, Will eSIM cards replace traditional SIM cards?

With the advancement of technology in mobile phones, we can expect that more and more mobile manufacturers will start using eSIM. However, the good news is that eSIM cards may be used on smartphones from 2019 onwards. We believe that eSIM technology will gradually enter cellular mobile phone this year and popular mobile phones like Samsung, Apple, and Huawei might start implementing eSIM cards by 2019.


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