Is Vivo NEX Ultimate worth buying?

vivo nex ultimate

Vivo mobile phone has always occupied a large share in the market, and its flagship Vivo NEX was liked by many users. Vivo NEX Ultimate is a top-class mobile phone with a pop-up camera and a full-screen full screen but how is its overall performance? Should you buy it?

In terms of hardware, Vivo NEX Ultimate is equipped with the Qualcomm 2018’s flagship processor Snapdragon 845 and 8GB of RAM, which can make provide a better performance, and gaming experience. And Vivo also cooperates with mainstream game makers such as Tencent and NetEase. Vivo NEX Ultimate has a dedicated game engine and game mode 4.0, which reduces the delay network and the Karton problem, allowing you to completely immerse yourself in the fastest gaming world. Vivo NEX Ultimate is powered by a 4000mAh large battery, which is a great artifact for users who use mobile phones seriously.

vivo nex ultimate gaming

In terms of design, the front panel uses a full-screen display and a pop-up camera. Take a picture and the camera will automatically pop up to capture the snap. Compared with other ordinary mobile phones, the use is almost the same, but in terms of quality, Vivo NEX Ultimate is a standard artifact. Maybe you can open your camera and the goddess will smile for you!

Overall, the Vivo NEX Ultimate has not only strong performance but also excellent design. And there are innovative technologies such as Jovi Smart Assistant and HiFi Professional Sound Quality. However, as far as the screen fingerprint is concerned, Vivo NEX Ultimate is equipped with only a third-generation screen fingerprint technology. Compared with the sixth-generation screen fingerprint, the performance might be somewhat backward. But this does not affect the final user experience, so Vivo NEX Ultimate is still worth buying.


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