Toshiba Launches JEDEC eMMC 5.1 embedded flash memory

flash memory
flash memory

Toshiba has announced on its official website to launch JEDEC eMMC 5.1 embedded flash memory and plans to send samples to major customers next month for large-scale shipments in the third quarter of this year.

It is reported that Toshiba JEDEC eMMC 5.1 embedded flash memory uses BiCS Flash flash granules, which can store more data in a smaller volume, and also has lower power consumption, suitable for use on portable devices.

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The specifications and product name of the flash memory are provided below:

Specifications of Toshiba JEDEC eMMC 5.1

The flash memory has a package size of 11.5mm × 13mm × 1mm and can operate normally at temperatures between -25 ° C and 85 ° C. Although Toshiba did not announce the specific performance of the flash memory, it said it will be available in four different capacities of 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB.

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Although the performance of eMMC 5.1 flash is not as good as the latest UFS 3.0 flash, it is suitable for those who do not need too high read and write performance.


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