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Meizu 16 is a true flagship at an affordable price, worth buying?


Today, the much-anticipated Meizu 16 was officially released at the price of 2,698 yuan(around $393), is it worth buying? Although we already had some information regarding Meizu 16, it has still brought some surprises for us, especially in terms of price. Actually, it is affordable than we think. Let’s find out what can it offer at the price of 2,698 yuan.

Meizu 16 Appearance: Best Design

Meizu 16 Design

Meizu hadn’t boasted anything about the design of Meizu 16 before its release but you can see, its design is eye-catching and appealing. It is understood that Meizu 16 has an adopted a 3D glass design in the front and the back. At the same time, it also cleverly controls the weight of the body at 152g and 7.3mm thickness. Moreover, it comes with a full-screen design managing to maintain a screen to body of ratio of 91.18%, which is a great achievement in itself.

Meizu 16 CPU: Strong performance

Meizu 16 Perfomance

In the past, many people said that all aspects of Meizu mobile phones are very good, that, the hardware level was not enough. Today, Meizu 16 is finally equipped the Qualcomm flagship platform processor Snapdragon 845 so the hardware level is more than enough now and the price of 2698 yuan makes it the cheapest flagship phone. At the same time, it has a 6.0 inch AMOLED screens, plus the higher screen ratio, which will bring better visual effects. The performance of Meizu 16 will be very good either for multitasking or playing games.

Meizu 16 Fingerprint: On Screen

Meizu 16 Fingerprint

Meizu 16 has a lot of things in terms of innovation. One of the main features of Meizu 16 is the fingerprint under the screen. Although this phone has canceled the Home button, the screen fingerprint not only enhances the class of Meizu 16 but also brings a better experience to the mobile phone. Especially with the fast unlock speed, the success rate for fingerprint unlock is 99.12%.

Meizu 16 Camera: Excellent Photo quality

Meizu 16 camera

Meizu 16 is similar to Meizu 15 in terms of camera specifications but it doesn’t mean that camera is bad. It has a 20-megapixel front camera and has added ArcSoft’s AI beauty algorithm to support single-camera blur. It has a dual-camera in the rear, the primary camera is a 12 megapixels Sony IMX 380 sensor, with the aperture size of f/1.8 and a single pixel size of 1.55μm and supports four-axis optical image stabilization. The secondary camera is 20 megapixels IMX 350 sensor with the aperture size of f/2.6 and a single pixel size of 1.0μm. The hardware is very strong, in addition to AI beauty and other features, it can be a very good camera phone. Please, have a look at the sample photos taken by Meizu 16 below.

Meizu 16 Sample Photos

Meizu 16 sample photos

sample photos of Meizu 16

The sample photos posted above surely proves that Meizu 16 has very good photo quality.

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Of course, Meizu 16 also has excellent performance in games combined with Snapdragon 845 and the optimization of Flyme 7 but it also comes with the liquid-cooled copper tube cooling system, so the phone is better at dissipating heat. Meizu 16 can meet all the fantasies of the flagship mobile phone at the starting price of 2698 yuan. It is more than affordable and I personally feel that it is very worth buying. What do you think?


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