Can a smartphone replace the laptop? Foldable screen might make it possible

Can a smartphone replace the laptop? Foldable screen might make it possible

Can a smartphone replace the laptop? Yes, the foldable screen mobile phone might make it possible to use an Android smartphone as a pc. Do you know if there are any smartphones that can work as a laptop or PC? Well, the answer is no. The problem is that smartphones screen are not flexible like tablets or Laptops. So, the screen of mobile phones can’t be used as laptops. Now, there are many rumors about the development of foldable mobile phones. We might soon see a mobile that can both work as a mobile and a laptop.

There are only five months remaining in 2019, and in the past half-year, the full-screen mobile phones became the center of attention in the mobile phone industry. In the past few months, most mobile phone manufacturers have shown us their innovations in full-screen mobile phones. Although today’s full-screen mobile phones have not yet achieved the 100% screen ratio, the time will come when a mobile phone manufacturer will shift its attention away from the full-screen mobile phone and will focus on new innovations.

In addition to the full-screen mobile phones, the foldable screen mobile phone is also a very worthy focus. Compared with the full-screen mobile phone, the foldable screen is another innovative field in mobile phone development. Prior to this, the news about the Samsung foldable screen phone was sent out, and I believe many people have seen its structure and renderings. I believe that many people can’t help but be surprised, but this one is the foldable screen mobile phone Galaxy X by Samsung. However, just recently, the news about another foldable screen mobile phone has appeared again. This foldable screen mobile phone is from Microsoft and is called Andromeda and can be transformed into a laptop.

So, Microsoft will probably be the first mobile phone company to launch a mobile phone that can turn into a laptop. According to the latest reports, the technology had already applied for patents as early as the beginning of last year, and it passed the approval of the US Trademark and Patent Office last week. The new technology will roughly connect the two screens through a hinge device. When it is expanded to 90°, it can be turned into a laptop. The two screens are the display and the virtual keyboard, respectively. At 180°, it will act as a bigger screen.

We can assume that the screen of mobile phones will grow larger if this technology is implemented but it is worth mentioning that this foldable mobile phone will be lighter and portable than the laptop. This technology is worthy of everyone’s expectations!


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