Xiaomi introduces anti-rollback feature in redmi 6 pro

MIUI anti-rollback

Xiaomi has announced that it has introduced the anti-rollback feature in their latest MIUI firmware in Redmi 6 Pro. The recent announcement says, In order to maintain the system stability and ensure the security of the equipment, anti-rollback protection has been introduced in the recent Redmi 6 Pro with MIUI developer ROM 8.7.30 and stable ROM V9.6.16. With this announcement, the users of Redmi 6 Pro will not be able to downgrade to the older version of the development and stable ROMs.

If you have previously updated your phone to developer ROM 8.7.30 and above or stable ROM V9.6.16 and above, please do not try to downgrade to the older versions of the ROM. If you do, you will face a hard-brick. There is no any fix to hard-brick caused by anti-rollback feature. You have to go the customer care to repair it.

Let us remind you that Xiaomi had introduced the anti-rollback feature in Redmi Note 5 before introducing it on Redmi 6 Pro. So, Redmi 6 Pro will be another Xiaomi device that will not support roll-back.

In fact, Google built a security feature called Rollback Protection in Android 8.0 Oreo, which prevents the device from rolling back to the older firmware. According to Google, the reason why the “Rollback Protection” function is built in the Android 8.0 Oreo system is mainly due to the comprehensive consideration of the security of user data information. After all, there is a high possibility of security vulnerabilities in the older version of the Android system firmware.

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