Home News Xiaomi pocophone M1805E10A passes US FCC certification

Xiaomi pocophone M1805E10A passes US FCC certification

Xiaomi pocophone

A new mobile phone from Xiaomi POCOPHONE M1805E10A has passed the US FCC certification, which means that Xiaomi can start selling its mobile phone in the United States and other overseas countries.

As you can see from the picture provided below, this new Xiaomi mobile phone uses a dual rear camera placed vertically on the back, the diagonal length of the phone is 163mm, the length is 151mm, and the width is 76mm.

Design of Xiaomi “POCOPHONE”

According to the information exposed in the FCC certification, the brand name of Xiaomi’s new mobile phone is POCOPHONE and the model number is M1805E10A. Xiaomi had registered this new trademark in the EU, Taiwan and other places earlier. Many people think that POCOPHONE is the new sub-brand launched by Xiaomi for overseas countries. We can guess that M1805E10A might be the first product of POCOPHONE brand.

Earlier, Xiaomi senior vice president Wang Xiang had said in an interview that the United States market is attractive to Xiaomi. Xiaomi has already allocated its internal resources to develop a mobile phone version compatible with the US mobile communication network. We might see Xiaomi launching a mobile phone in the United States officially very soon.


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