Huawei GPU turbo can now be enabled in all Android mobile phones

GPU turbo

An Android developer at XDA has released the crack of Huawei GPU Turbo module with which you can enable GPU turbo in all Android mobile phones. The developer has claimed that this module can increase the Android mobile phone GPU power by up to 75% and it can also reduce power consumption by up to 25%.

Let me remind you that Huawei invented the GBU turbo technology a few months back and this technology is based on exclusive optimization of hardware and software integration. With the news on, GPU turbo is no more exclusive to Huawei mobile phones only. This technology can be enabled in all Android mobile phones with a Magisk module. All you have to do is download the GBU turbo Magisk module and flash it by twrp and you are ready to experience the improved graphics performance in your mobile phones.

Meanwhile, some users have already tested the turbo technology n their mobile phones and there is mixed feedback on the performance. Some users have commented that they didn’t see any improvements even after flashing the Magisk module while some users have reported improvements on GPU performance. The comments on battery life are also the same. Few users have noticed that the battery life has improved after flashing the GPU turbo Magisk module.

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If this cracked module is able to achieve the same performance as Huawei’s’ claim, it will hurt Huawei. At first, many people thought that Huawei was just bragging on GPU Turbo by calling it a “Black Technology”. But after the real experience, it was found that this technology was indeed effective. Huawei GPU Turbo Technology is really powerful technology and so with this crack, it can be enabled on all Android mobile phones but It is still not clear if the cracked GPU Turbo works.


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