Cell phone catches fire on bed, a man found dead

Cell phone fire

It is not a good practice to keep the mobile phone on the bed whether you are sleeping or doing something else. Moreover, A charging mobile phone placed on the bed can result in serious consequences. There have been many cases of mobile phone fire and explosions. We should be glad that we have not seen any serious injuries with these accidents. However, Malaysia Insight has reported that Nazrin Hassan, a Malaysia resident has died of a cell phone fire on June 14.

Nazrin was the CEO of Cradle Foundation in Malaysia. His brother-in-law, who gave the news, said that the cell phone was kept on charge at the bed at the time of the incident. According to him, the mobile got overheated, exploded and caught fire while Nazrin was sleeping on the bed. The explosions wounded Nazrin’s head and the mattress caught fire, leading him to death. Cradle Foundation confirmed the cause of Nazrin’s death.

Local police said that Nazrin was trapped in the bedroom on the second floor of the terrace and may have died of smoke while his body was found to be burned.

According to Nazrin’s brother-in-law, he had two mobile phones, a BlackBerry and a Huawei. However, it is not clear which mobile phone was behind the accident? We have not heard any official words from either of the companies regarding the accident.

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Most youths prefer to keep their cellphones around them and they even use cell phones while it is on the charge. It is suggested that mobile phones should be kept away when not in use and don’t use cell phones on chargee.


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