Android gaming mobile phones a trend or just a gimmick

Gaming in Android mobile phones

Are gaming Android mobile phones just a gimmick or will it be the future trend?  At present, the smartphone market is uniquely shaped by the “top-notch design”. If this trend continues, it will surely bore the smartphone users who are always trying to explore new innovations. Many mobile manufacturers blindly follow the trends of the market and eventually lose their original tone.

Last year, Razer a company mainly focused on the production of personal computers created the concept of “gaming mobile phones” by launching the Razer Phone. It triggered the attention of mobile phone manufacturers globally. Mobile phone brands like Xiaomi and ZTE also followed this trend by introducing Nubia Red Magic and Black Shark respectively. Nubia, Razer, and Black Shark have taken the concept of gaming phones to a new level.

Today, full-screen mobile phones have dominated the mobile phone market. In this context, a question comes to our mind, “is a gaming mobile phone just a gimmick or will it be the future trend?”

What is a gaming mobile phone?

The gaming mobile phone, as its name implies, is a mobile phone that is designed and manufactured specifically for running games. It generally has its own operating system and the system is exclusively optimized for gaming. It is integrated or equipped with game buttons or handles, and its hardware and software are similar to a handheld gaming console. In simple terms, the gaming mobile phone is a product that integrates the mobile phone and the handheld gaming console in a single unit.

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The gaming feature on a mobile phone is just an experiment and is a selling point for the manufacturer. For the future, black shark and the Red Devil are more concerned than the ordinary mobile phone among all the gaming phones. The most important thing is system optimization and user-friendly experience. A mobile phone does not necessarily require exclusive accessories and extreme performance. For gaming companies and industry as a whole, this is another way to make money through cooperation or to promote cross-border cooperation in hardware, such as game optimization to improve the frame rate. This, unfortunately, is completely unnecessary for the small manufacturer. If 5G can really come this year, then the gaming phones might have a big market, and mobile manufacturers will certainly categorize their mobile phones either as gaming or general.


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