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Main Features of MIUI 10, Xiaomi focuses on AI this time

Main Features of MIUI 10

You might want to know the main features of MIUI 10 as Xiaomi has already announced MIUI 10 Developer ROM for some Xiaomi devices. Xiaomi has focused on AI this time as we can see AI everywhere; in camera, in system optimization, and even in Voice Assistant. Talking about all the main features of MIUI 10, We have listed them below:

1. New task management

We saw a full-screen adaptation of gestures in MIUI 9.5 and the updates on MIUI 10 will further adjust the overall screen. The task management interface will use a vertical waterfall flow design that allows you to quickly browse through recent tasks without changing the gestures.

2. Voice Assistant: Xiao AI

Another feature of MIUI 10 is Xiao AI. If you don’t know about Xiao AI, it is the voice assistant for Xiaomi. In MIUI 10, you can wake up Xiao AI in four ways, i,e. with a virtual button, long pressing the Home button, long pressing the power button, or waking up by voice. At the same time, the Xiao AI will support popular applications like WeChat, QQ, Weibo, QQ Music, and Gaode Map. You can also customize your unique voice commands to train Xiao AI for custom actions.

3.AI Single Shot Blur

Based on the AI algorithm, the single-focus background blur technology can capture the effect of background blur without using a dual camera. After upgrading your device to MIUI 10, you can enter the camera into the portrait mode, and the good news is that some older phones also support this function.

4.AI system optimization

In MIUI 10, based on AI learning, the system guesses user’s upcoming application and preload it in the background to achieve a 0 second load time with a certain probability. That is, after starting an app, the user can see the main interface of the app without waiting for the splash screen and Loading process. The pre-loaded content is not displayed in the recent task and therefore does not affect the user’s use of the recent task for switching to other apps.

5. One-click management of smart devices

MIUI 10 can intelligently recognize the surrounding smart devices and makes the connection and operations of smart devices more easier, faster and simple. When the mobile phone discovers that there are smart devices that can be connected in the surrounding, it automatically reminds the user about it; without opening the application, it instantly connects to the device.

6.Optimization of sound in the system

MIUI comes with the optimization of sound in the system including notification sounds and ringtones so that every notification sound will change slightly. As per Xiaomi, these sound will be natural and pleasant and try to make users fall in love with notifications and ringtones of mobile phones. Dynamic wake up tones will vary based on time, weather, and temperature.

To conclude, the main Features of MIUI 10 are New task management, Voice Assistant: Xiao AI, AI single shot blur, AI system optimization, One-click management of smart devices and Optimization of sound in the system.


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