What is 5G?

What is 5G

What is 5G?

5G is the latest generation of mobile network that can achieve the speed of 10 Gbps with millimeter waves of 15 gigahertz and higher frequency theoretically. In simple words, 5G or fifth generation network is the upgraded version of 4G which provides faster data transfer speed than 4G.
Well, the most special thing about 5G is its speed, it reaches 10Gbps (which is equivalent to a download speed of 1.25GB/s), in which the network delay is just 1ms. The transfer rate of 4G is just 100Mbps and 5G is 100 times faster than the 4G network. You can download a high-definition movie or a large file over 1GB in a matter of seconds, and you can also play high-definition videos online without any interruptions. Remote video calls can also be transmitted in high-definition video quality. Of course, we will see more development on other services like Live VR, artificial intelligence, Internet stuff, and car networking in the days to come.
You may think, the speed of the 5G network is too fast, so it may consume more data traffic. The speed of 5G is faster than 3G and 4G but it still consumes the same data traffic as 3G or 4G. What 5G network does is it saves your time. It is true that after the 5G is implemented, the size of images, videos, and other files might increase as providers might use the speed of 5G networks to improve the user experience. This can indirectly increase the data consumed by the user.

Regarding 5G tariff, If the network providers hike the tariff charges, people will prefer to stay on 4G as they don’t want to pay more than what they are paying now. The internet speed of 4G and 5G is mostly noticeable during downloads. For surfing, customers can satisfy themselves with 4G. 5G will also consume more data than 4G due to a faster speed. So, customers will want cheaper traffic.

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Talking about the actual pricing, there is a huge investment in 5G infrastructures. Investors will expect a quick return. So, we can assume that the tariff charges for 5G will be higher than 4G initially. But soon after, there will be competition among 5G mobile network providers and we can see some price reduction, eventually making the price of 5G and 4G same.

We hope that you have got some ideas on what 5G is. If you have any questions, you can leave in comments.


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