Statistics show, video increasing the usage of mobile data traffic

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According to the latest statistics from Ericsson, the mobile data traffic is expected to be around 75% by 2023 while the current mobile data traffic is 55%. With the popularity and competition in Internet packages, the era of expensive mobile data traffic has gone and the amount of video playback on mobile devices is increasing each year.

Statistics of mobile data traffic

As the screen size of mobile phones is getting bigger and bigger, the quality of the video is also increasing over time. The increment in the quality of video has increased the usage of mobile data traffic ultimately. The high-definition video of 1080p has been a standard for online streaming now. The resolution of 1080p consumes four times higher data than the normal 480p resolution. Coupled with 360-degree panoramic video effect, mobile data traffic usage will increase very fast. A YouTube 360° video consumes data five times more than the same video without 360° effect.

Video contents on social media are also increasing. New forms of content, such as live broadcasts and short videos, have brought dramatic changes in consumer behaviors. Users are more and more accustomed to watching videos on mobile phones. Statistics have shown that mobile devices will account for half of the videos played on all devices by 2020.

The current statistics for mobile data traffic shows that smartphone users consume an average of 2.9 GB of data traffic per month. This is due to the decreased price and popularity of mobile data packages by network providers. According to the statistics, the average monthly usage of mobile data traffic will increase to 17 GB by 2023. These statistics of mobile data traffic hint to us that we will need a bigger data package in the future. The mobile network providers have already started to implement “unlimited mobile data” packages. Moreover, when the 5G comes to full implementation, the mobile data traffic consumed by mobile devices will increase to a greater extent. The mobile networks might opt for implementing time-based charges as data based charges will become meaningless.

Whatever the statistics say, of course, the video quality has increased which has increased the usage of mobile data traffic. As a user, you should never worry. In future, we will see more competitions in mobile data packages and get cheaper packages. Nothing to worry, we can watch any videos without fear of losing data.


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