iPhone 6s explodes in a hair salon in Vietnam, terrifying scene

iPhone 6s explosion

It is believed that iPhone 6s has exploded in a hair salon in Vietnam according to a report from Softpedia. A video released on Softpedia shows two staffs from the barbershop staff were doing hair works for a woman. Then the iPhone 6 explodes suddenly, the cashier risks to the open fire, the cashier quickly runs out. A terrifying scene created by the explosion of iPhone 6s. Please, see the video below.

February 9 was one of the worst days for Apple. In the morning, an AirPods wireless headset exploded on a man’s ear. Apple has already released an official statement saying that it is investigating the incident of the Airpod explosion. And in the evening, this incident of iPhone 6s exploding in a hair salon in Vietnam.

From the photos provided by the staffs of the salon, it can be seen that the front panel of the iPhone 6S mobile phone has been completely burned out.

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The authenticity of the videos and pictures is still to be investigated and we can’t exactly say what exactly caused the explosions if still the pictures and videos were real.

Apple has not released any official statements regarding the explosion. Let’s see how is Apple going to deal with the latest explosion of iPhone 6s.



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