Six products of Huawei has bagged the iF Product Design Award

Huawei winning award

Huawei has officially announced on its Twitter account that six of its products has won the iF Design Award. The Huawei products that have won the iF Design Award are Huawei Mate10, Huawei Mate 10 Pro, Huawei MateBook X, Huawei nova 2, Huawei Parrot 4G mobile router and Huawei VR 2.

The iF Design Award, or “iF” in abbreviated form, was founded in 1953. The iF Design Award is annually held by the iF Industries Forum Design in multiple disciples. iF Industries Forum Design is one of the oldest Agency related to Industrial Design in Germany. Every year, the iF Design Forum of Germany awards the iF Design Award, which is best known for its “independent, rigorous and reliable” award philosophy. The aim of the iF Award is to raise public awareness on design. The most important aspect of this Design Award is iF gold award which is provided to outstanding entries. Seventy-five products received the iF gold award this year.

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A total of 54 countries around the world participated in the contest of 2018 iF Design Award and submitted more than 6,400 products for the competition. The jury was composed of 63 experts from the design field which selected the winners.



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