Loapi Virus Can destroy your phone, how to be safe from it

Loapi Virus

Have you heard about Loapi Virus? Loapi Virus is a powerful android virus that it can even destroy your android phone. Today, We will inform you about this virus and provide you tips on how to be safe from it.

What is Loapi Virus

Kaspersky Labs has discovered a new Malware named Trojan.AndroidOS.Loapi in Android Phones. According to Kaspersky Labs, When users click on banner ads, a fake antivirus application or pornographic application infected by Loapi virus is downloaded in the mobile. After the malware is installed, it will ask the user for system administrator privileges, and if it is denied, the notification will keep on popping on the screen until the user selects the “OK” button.

After gaining system privileges, this Virus will download additional modules to connect to the remote server to switch functions, download and install new components. According to Kaspersky Lab’s research and analysis, Loapi Virus has the following features:

  1. Android can be infected by this Virus when clicking on the pop-up banner and video ads. It can also download and install other apps, open pages on Facebook, Instagram and VKontakte to increase these applications’ ratings.
  2. This Virus has a module to send text messages to the specified number, to subscribe to some paid services, these operations are conducted secretly. Loapi Virus will delete the sent and received text messages immediately so that the user is not aware of it.
  3. Trojans will use the built-in proxy server to send and receive HTTP requests through the infected device to be enabled to hijack the phone and used it to launch DDoS attacks on Web resources.
  4. It can mine Monero cryptocurrency on the smartphone itself. In two days of testing the malware on a phone, the battery bulged out due to expansions caused by overheating and large network connections.
  5. Kaspersky Lab specialists have discovered many features this malware might deploy in the future and will adopt the preventive measures as per the developer’s scam tactics.

It also features a fall-prevention feature. This feature closes the phone’s settings window when this virus detects a user trying to cancel its administrator rights. It fakes real Antivirus as a Malware when the user installs a real Antivirus Program. It forces the user to remove the real antivirus by continuously showing a pop-up window.

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How to be safe from Loapi Virus

Kaspersky Lab researchers recommend users to download apps from the official app store and prohibit the installation of applications from unknown sources. Do not install apps you do not need, install proven anti-virus software and scan your devices regularly.


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