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Global Firmware, How to root, Twrp recovery, unlock bootloader, custom ROMs For Meizu M6 Note

Global Firmware, Rooting, Twrp, Bootloader Unlocking, Custom ROMs For Meizu M6 Note

This post is dedicated to Meizu M6 Note users and you can find helpful tutorials and tricks here.

How to install Global Firmware For Meizu M6 Note

Steps to install Global Firmware/ROM in Meizu M6 Note

Note: If your Meizu M6 Note comes with serial number 721Q, you should follow all the steps. If your serial number is M721H (global), you can ignore the following steps but if you still want to update or flash the latest version of global flymeos, you can start from step 6.

You are taking the risk yourself and we won’t be held responsible for boot loops, bricks, and damages to your device.

1. Sign into your device with Meizu account and enable root permissions. (Fingerprint and security> Root permission> accept. )

2. After rebooting your phone will have root permission enabled.

3. Download terminal emulator app from play store. type su on the interface and you’ll be asked for root permission, grant it.

4. Next download this zip file, extract it and place it in your internal storage.

5. Run the following command from your terminal emulator app.M6Note:/ $ su

Type in the order given below:
M6Note:/ # su (You have to type su twice, and also give root permissions twice)
M6Note:/ # cd /sdcard
M6Note:/sdcard # sh cidm6n.sh
Don’t forget to keep the .sh file you downloaded earlier to the root of your device. Otherwise, this command doesn’t work.

After successfully entering the commands listed above, you will be shown the following prompt on the screen.

Device with chinese [ID] – 72101001
Do you want to change it to global [ID]? (y/n)

Type Y to make the change. If you have followed all the steps correctly, your device will be rebooted. Now, you have changed your serial number from 721Q (Chinese Version) to M721H (global version)

6. Place, the Global Firmware For Meizu M6 Note downloaded from here to the root of your internal storage, you can either directly open the update.zip file with file manager and start the flashing process by selecting wipe all options or Shut down mobile and boot to recovery mode by pressing volume+ and power key continuously. Tick both the options and click on Chinese text on the right to continue installation. You are done. Now, you have the successfully flashed Global Firmware on your device.

How to root Meizu M6 Note

Meizu M6 Note comes pre-rooted. So, you should not worry about the complicated process of rooting. You can find the root option in beta firmware by going to fingerprint and security. You can easily enable root from there. If you are on stable firmware, it is a bit difficult to find the root option. We are providing you a video below which will guide you through the rooting process.

How to install TWRP recovery in Meizu M6 Note

Please, follow the steps given below to install TWRP recover in Meizu M6 Note:

1. Download and install TWRP application from here
2. Open the MEIZU TWRP APP and click on brush twrp. Grant root access, it will start flashing twrp recovery in your Meizu M6 Note. Now, you can go to recovery mode to check if twrp recovery has been installed.

If you get any problems while installing twrp recovery in Meizu M6 Note, you can ask for help in the comments section.

How to unlock the bootloader of Meizu M6 Note

Follow the steps given below to unlock the bootloader of Meizu M6 Note, special thanks to gkee for the tutorial:

1. Go to twrp recovery in your Meizu M6 Note first and make a backup of the partition devinfo. If you don’t have TWRP, you can find the process to install twrp recovery in Meizu M6 Note above.
2. Reboot to the system, download and extract this file. Now go to twrp backup folder and replace the devinfo backup files with the extracted files.
3. Go to twrp recovery and restore the back up of devinfo partition.
4. Reboot to the system. if you are asked for a password, you have to go to recovery and format the data partition.

To make you clear, the whole process of unlocking the bootloader of Meizu M6 Note involves restoring devinfo partition from this site. You are not restoring your own devinfo back up.

Custom ROMs For Meizu M6 Note

As Meizu has not released the kernel source for Meizu M6 Note, we have not received any official custom ROMs. Although we have ported ROMs, they are not free from bugs.

We are also providing you a link to a group dedicated to Meizu M6 Note development. You can also join this facebook groups to get the latest updates on Meizu M6 Note development, tips, and tricks.



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