Why is WeChat popular in China?

Messaging applications can fulfill different requirements these days. We can play games, chat, date, process electronic payments with apps like WeChatt, Whatsapp, iMessage, Messenger, Tinder, Apple Pay etc. There are popular messaging apps in the world, with Facebook leading in the US, WhatsApp leading in the UK, Europe, and Hong Kong, LINE in Taiwan and Japan, South Korea mainly using Kakao communication, while WeChat occupying China.

Why is WeChat popular in China?

WeChat is used in China mainly for the following purposes :

1. Messaging

Like other chat applications, WeChat provides location sharing, audio messaging, video chat, emoticons and more. In addition, WeChat also features instant translation, red envelopes and more. This provides users with a great deal of convenience to a certain extent.

2. Social Networking

On Facebook, users can scroll through posts posted by friends, including links, text, photos, and videos, and post comments. WeChat also the same feature as Facebookbook where users can see the various content posted by friend and friend’s circle. You can also comment on those content. In addition to this, WeChat only shows the comments between friends protecting your privacy from strangers.

WeChat has also a feature to find nearby friends. The users can find and connect friends near them by clicking on “Discover”. This feature is similar to Tinder, which is a popular dating app today.

3. Online Payment

More than 800 million people in China use WeChat to make payment, which has even forced cities around the world to adopt this technology to cater to the needs of Chinese tourists. The popularity of WeChat payment in China is so high that most street performers, food stall chefs and, taxi drivers use WeChat for payment. WeChat payment is basically the same concept as Google Pay, Venmo and Apple Pay.

4. Third-party applets

WeChat can also be used as a device platform. In early 2018, it launched the WeChat applet. The user can directly enter the store of the product through the applet to perform a series of operations such as ordering and shopping. Starbucks, KFC, Vipshop, Meituan, and other companies have already joined the applet. These applets are basically the same as the actual APP. The use of these applications can also eliminate a series of cumbersome operations for users to download the APP, which greatly facilitates the user’s use.

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There is no other app for smartphone users in China that integrates multiple WeChat’s functions like messaging, social networking, and online payment into a single platform. To a certain extent, WeChat has become a popular commercial tool there, and users can use WeChat for various requirements. To sum up, we can say that WeChat is popular in China because it provides the features of social networking and messaging as well as online payment in a single app.

Does charging your phone overnight ruin the battery?

Many people have the habit of charging the phone before going to bed and they let the phone to be charged overnight. Now, does this ruin the battery life of mobile phones? A common question among smartphone users, we are here to answer it.

Nowadays, most of the mobile phones’ batteries are equipped with overcharge protection circuit. This circuit cuts off the power supply once the battery is charged completely. So, leaving your phone overnight will not ruin the battery of the mobile phone. Moreover, manufacturers carry out comprehensive quality control test before shipping the product to the market. So, you should not worry about overcharging your mobile phone these days.

But this doesn’t mean that you can overcharge it. The battery can be charged and discharged frequently, but it will gradually degrade over time. The capacity and lifetime of the battery will be reduced if it is overcharged often.

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If you leave your cell phone on charge before sleeping and wake up in the morning, you will find that your smartphone has stopped charging. In fact, most of the smartphones have these features these days. When the phone is fully charged, it will automatically stop charging, so there is no need to worry about damaging the battery. On the contrary, playing mobile phones on charge can damage the battery. This will also decrease the charging speed of the battery and the temperature of the mobile phone will also increase. The battery might even explode in the hot climate.

When should I charge my mobile phone?

Mobile phone users are also confused about what is the right time to charge a mobile phone? You should not wait for mobile to discharge completely before charging it again. The most suitable time for charging your mobile phone is when the battery life reaches 30%. Moreover, you should not wait for the phone’s battery life to drop below 10% before rushing to charge. When the battery is below 10%, the radiation coming out from mobile phones will multiply. The radiation will be even higher if you make a phone call during this period. So at this time, it is better to plug your mobile phone on charge before it becomes too late to charge it.

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Finally, let me remind you that it is best to stay away from charging mobile phones while sleeping. Don’t keep charging mobile phones on your bed. Radiation is one aspect but safety is more important. The phone will automatically cut off the power supply after a full charge but it can’t be guaranteed that the power supply will be stopped accurately all the time. Moreover, not all phones can automatically stop the flow of power supply. If the battery is old and the temperature is too high, it might explode and result in serious consequences.

Is it good to shut down your phone once a day?


Is it good to shut down your mobile phone once a day? Do you have the habit of turning off your phone before going to bed at night? What should you do?

Some mobile phone users think that they must shut down their phone every day. They think that shutting the phone will let it rest and eventually extend its service life.

There are other users who think that mobile phones are not a machinery machine that requires rest. So, you can run it continuously without shutting it down.

Well, the fact is that it is better to turn off the mobile once a week. We can compare a phone with a human being. Just like human being needs rest, the phone also needs irregular breaks. However, it is not compulsory to turn off your mobile phone every day.

There are some negative consequences of switching on and off the mobile phone frequently. Every time we turn it off and on, there will be a large amount of data on the phone to be reloaded and read. This will cause some damages to the memory of the phone. The more the frequency of switching on and off, the greater will be the damages.

If the quality of the mobile phone is good, then the impact is not big and the damage is negligible. However, if there are quality issues in the mobile phone itself, the damages caused by frequent reboot may be seen on the mobile phone.

As mentioned above, after each start, the mobile phone must reload all the data saved in the internal storage. From booting to entering standby, the CPU runs at high speed, and the power consumption increases. This process will consume an extra battery life of around 5%. The possibility is as high as 10%. Of course, the data of different mobile phones is not the same.

And if it is just standby, the phone will automatically adjust the power according to the strength of the signal and optimize the system to save power. Therefore, sometimes turning off the mobile phone is more expensive than keeping it on.

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If you don’t reboot your phone for a long time, it will make your phone slow. When the mobile phone is used, it becomes a pile of garbages. This is because, during the running process, various deep junk files are generated in the system, which is generally difficult to clean up, and there are many background programs that are started and run for a long time. Mobile phones will naturally get more garbages over time.

Therefore, it is recommended that the mobile phone be restarted once a week because, during the restart process, the mobile phone will deeply clean up those system garbages and various background programs to complete the self-repair. This is one of the reasons why every time the phone is stuck, it restarts and becomes smooth again.

Warm reminder that some people worry that there will be radiation when they are not shutting down at night. In fact, we don’t have to worry too much about that. The radiation of mobile phones is very small for the human body. They are all within the safe range and can be neglected.

Of course, for some special people, such as pregnant women or children, because the body is weaker and needs better protection, it is necessary to stay away from the mobile phone as much as possible to avoid these tiny radiations.

How to hide files on Android without installing any app


There are occasions where we want to hide the files on our Android device. There are many apps on the Google Play store which can do this task for you. But these applications will consume some amount of memory and RAM of your device.

So, you might want to hide the files stored on your Android device without installing any apps.  Well, today, we are going to tell you about two easy methods with which you can easily hide any kind of files on your Android mobile phone. These methods are simple and convenient and won’t require you to install any applications from the Google Play.

Once you learn about these methods, you will be able to protect your secret files from your friends and families, thus enhancing the privacy of your mobile phone.

Here are the two methods with which you can hide files on your Android device without installing any apps from the play store:

First Method

The first method is to make a hidden folder to keep hidden files inside it. For this, you just need to make a new folder in the internal storage or SD card and put a dot in front of its name. For example, you can see in the picture below that we have created a new folder and named it as secret and you can see a dot(.) before the name secret. You can give it any name. But don’t forget to place the dot before the name. You have now created a hidden folder on your Android Phone.

hide files in android dot method After you have created this folder, you can keep the files you want to hide in this folder. Files in hidden folders do not appear in applications such as Gallery, Media Players, Emails, etc. You can only access the hidden files by using File managers and some types of system applications.

Second Method

The second method is to create a .nomedia file to hide media files in the existing folders of your Android device. This file doesn’t have any extension. It is an empty document with .nomedia in its file name. When the Android system loads the media data (video, audio, pictures, documents, etc.) from the internal or external storage, it first scans the .nomedia file. If the system finds a folder with this file, the system will not scan and load the files inside this folder.

hide media files using .nomedia

Precaution: It is important that you can view the hidden files and folders after hiding the files. Otherwise, the hidden files might be inaccessible. So, it is better to keep a backup of the file on some other locations before performing this action.

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Once you have learned about hiding the files on your Android device, you might want to learn about ways to download paid apps for free from the Google Play Store. If you face any problems, please, feel free to ask us.

Lenovo K5 Pro review, is it worth buying?


Lenovo mobile phone officially returned to the Chinese market in June this year and began to adhere to the demand of consumers by launching its flagship product, Lenovo Z5. The recently launched S5 Pro and K5 Pro have been able to attract buyers from all around the world and has strengthened Lenovo’s confidence. Today we will go through the review of Lenovo K5 Pro to find out if it is the best smartphone in the budget segment available in the market today.

Lenovo K5 Pro Review

To start the review let us go through the hardware specifications first. Lenovo K5 Pro is a real, full-screen mobile phone equipped with the performance of the Snapdragon 636 mobile platform, standard 6GB running memory, to ensure a smooth daily experience. It comes with dual speakers and a large 4050mAh battery and Android 8.1. Let’s start the review with the appearance of Lenovo K5 Pro.

Fullscreen with an excellent look

The Lenovo K5 Pro features a 5.99-inch, 18:9 aspect ratio, FHD+ resolution screen with a maximum brightness of 450 nits. From the perspective of physical experience, the color performance of this screen is relatively strong, and the overall perception is at the leading position at the same price. With dual stereo speakers and a stereo Driac sound field, when you watch a video, the auditory effect is immediate. This is also an important reason why it can be called the budget king.

Lenovo k5 pro appearance review

Thanks to the pre-installed latest ZUI system, Lenovo K5 Pro supports U-Touch full-screen gesture operation, replacing the original virtual button with a simple slide, freeing up more screen space for use. Of course, if you are uncomfortable with the gesture operation, you can switch to the original virtual button.

Lenovo k5 pro design review

Known as the budget king, this product is similar to other budget smartphones available in the market. The Lenovo K5 Pro adopts a three-stage metal body, 5.99-inch FHD+ full screen, traditional forehead + chin design. These features are rare for a product that sells for less than $150.

Lenovo k5 pro design review

The unique dual-camera model has formed the Lenovo ID design, which is similar to most mobile phones on the market. The vertically arranged rear dual camera protrudes slightly from the body.

Lenovo k5 pro appearance review

In other respects, Lenovo K5 Pro uses rear fingerprint recognition, Type-C interface, 3.5mm headphone jack, and dual speakers. Overall, Lenovo K5 Pro design has reached the mainstream level, especially considering its price. It is obviously not practical to expect high on appearance in this price range.

ZUI 5.0 system, simple and smooth experience

Lenovo K5 Pro runs the latest ZUI 5.0 system, built on the Android 8.1 kernel. ZUI5.0 is more simple in design, there is no native Android’s two-tier desktop design, the application is tiled on a desktop. The icons are based on the most basic circle and square, more concise.

Lenovo k5 pro UI review

To be honest, Lenovo’s ZUI has never received good feedback from critics and users. In the actual experience, ZUI 5.0’s fluency and the feel of the past have been significantly improved, and I also noticed that ZUI 5.0’s interface has made some changes, such as canceling the bottom of the shortcut menu, to become more mainstream Drop-down menu.

Lenovo k5 pro ZUI review


In terms of functions, ZUI introduced a new comprehensive screen gesture, U-Touch, in order to solve the problem of full-screen interaction. The operation mode is similar to the existing one. For those who are accustomed to other gestures, getting started with U-Touch requires a certain learning cost, but it is easy to get used to this operation after a short use.

Lenovo k5 pro U-Touch review

In addition, Lenovo K5 Pro retains some interesting features from the previous version of ZUI. For example, social applications such as WeChat and QQ are dual-app and the data of one app does not affect others and both the apps can run at the same time. This is good for users who have multiple social media accounts.

Lenovo k5 pro User Interface

Thanks to the main audio-visual entertainment, Lenovo K5 Pro has added a game mode. After it is turned on, it can keep the phone in high-performance mode, and automatically clear the background after the game is started, increasing the available memory for the game. Users can also turn off notifications and do not disturb mode, turn off game keypad, and gestures to prevent accidental touches to reduce unnecessary interruptions during gameplay.

Uninterrupted audio and video enjoyment

Lenovo has also got better reviews for audio used in smartphones. The same applies to Lenovo K5 Pro. In order to let users enjoy more realistic sound effects, Lenovo K5 Pro is equipped with two-channel Dirac sound effects. Whether it is external or headphone playback, it can improve the overall sound quality. 24bit quantization precision playback and 192Kb sampling frequency (USB-C digital headphone mode) function can truly restore the sound details so that you can have an immersive sound experience whether you are watching movies or playing games.

Video Playback in Lenovo k5 pro

Lenovo K5 Pro’s unique inverter power-saving design, official data shows that you can increase battery life by 20%. With a large battery capacity of 4050mAh, it can meet the high-intensity use throughout the day, reaching the extreme operation of audio wireless playback for 60 hours. The official 18W fast charge charger can charge the mobile phone to 50% in half an hour, ensuring that it can be used without heavy pressure.

With the home theater, the bottom magnetic speakers and the top 1000mW high-power 2in1 speaker bless ensures high-quality audio and volume.

In addition to visual and audio improvements, Lenovo K5 Pro has also improved on the battery. Users who often use mobile phones to play games and watch movies know that smartphone batteries are not durable and frequent charging affects the user experience.

Lenovo K5 Pro Camera Review

In terms of cameras, Lenovo K5 Pro adopts the mainstream dual-camera combination, i,e, 16+5 megapixels AI dual camera in the back. The back camera supports a double True 3D blur engine that uses 5th generation multi-frame time-domain 3D noise reduction technology. Low light photography is also clear. The 16 megapixels + 5 megapixels AI dual camera in the front supports 9-level depth of field blur and AI beauty.

Sample Photos Taken By Lenovo K5 Pro Camera

Here are some of the sample photos taken by Lenovo K5 Pro Camera

Lenovo K5 Pro Camera Review Sample Photos taken by Lenovo K5 Pro Camera Sample Photos taken by Lenovo K5 Pro Camera

Look through the sample photos taken by Lenovo K5 Pro. The performance is not bad. The color reproduction is real, the details are reserved. Basically, it meets the needs of daily use. However, the algorithm for HDR is still somewhat biased as there is a noticeable difference between the brightest and darkest parts. Imaging is slower in backlight, night, and portrait modes. However, these problems can be optimized through software upgrades, and there won’t be many problems.

Lenovo K5 Pro Gaming Review

Talking about the Gaming review of Lenovo K5 Pro, it uses the Snapdragon 636 mobile platform.

Lenovo k5 pro gaming review

The Snapdragon 636 mobile platform is Qualcomm’s latest 600 series product, which positions itself in the mid-range segment. From the data point of view, the Snapdragon 636 is built with the advanced 14nm FinFET process. The Kryo 260 architecture is the same as the Snapdragon 660. The highest frequency of the four large cores is 1.8Ghz, and of 4 small cores is 1.6Ghz. The main core frequency is slightly lower than the 2.2GHz of Snapdragon 660. From Geekbench’s running points, we can see that the performance of the Snapdragon 636 mobile platform has increased by 40% compared to the previous generation Snapdragon 630, which has opened a big gap.

In other respects, the Snapdragon 636 is also a solid upgrade. It’s built-in Adreno 509 GPU has about 10% improvement compared to the Adreno 508 of Snapdragon 630. The Spectra 160 ISP and Hexagon 680 DSP have reached the level of Snapdragon 660. The downlink speed of Snapdragon X12 LTE Modem is up to 600Mbps and it supports dual card dual standby dual 4G including 5G WiFi, Bluetooth 5 support. The connectivity options are very good

In the actual experience, the upgrade of the Snapdragon 636 with 6GB of RAM in the daily experience is very obvious. You can open the apps with no delay. Multi-tasking and switching between apps are also quick and smooth. The mainstream mobile game “Players of Unknown Battle Ground (PUBG)” runs in the high frame rate mode and it can maintain a framerate of more than 30fps during the intense battle. Your aim of eating chicken will be easier.

Lenovo K5 Pro Review Summary

Lenovo’s sincerity, starting at 100 USD.

To sum up the review, Lenovo K5 Pro continues the position of its brand “Conscience” and takes the excellent audio and video experience as the entry point and combines the real features of full screen, dual speakers, 6GB storage, front and rear double shooting at just below 150 USD.

Did you like the Lenovo K5 Pro? Please, do leave your opinions and reviews.

Xiaomi CC9 camera review and sample photos


Today we will go through the camera review of Xiaomi CC9 camera and look at some of the sample photos to find out if this smartphone can really fulfill all your photography needs!

Xiaomi CC9 is unique among all other mobile phones manufactured by Xiaomi. We all know that Xiaomi mobile phones used to be the choice of male users, but this time, the story is different. Xiaomi has made changes to this strategy and launched Xiaomi CC 9, focusing particularly on female users. Today, we will just focus on the review of the camera and will also share some of the sample photos taken by Xiaomi CC9.

As per the specifications, Xiaomi CC9 is equipped with the Snapdragon 710 processor. The performance is still very good, after all, the Snapdragon 710 processor can be said to be the younger version of the Snapdragon 845 processor. The performance is strong and the power consumption is very low. We think that Snapdragon 710 processor is more practical than the Snapdragon 845 processor. Besides this, Xiaomi CC9 also falls in the segment of mid-range mobile phone, which is normal for it to have the Snapdragon 710 processor.

As for the appearance, Xiaomi CC9 comes with the water drop screen. The rear three cameras are placed in the upper left corner of the back, plus the 3D curved glass gives a premium feel to the design. Moreover, the matching of colors is suitable for both boys and girls.

Xiaomi CC9 camera review

The biggest highlight of Xiaomi CC9 is the camera. The front camera comes with 32 megapixels lens while the back camera comes with the triple-lens, the primary camera being a 48 megapixels sensor. This lens configuration usually comes with a flagship mobile phone. Xiaomi has done a wonderful job by placing these combinations on a mid-range phone. This is enough to make the camera the main feature of Xiaomi CC9. So we can say that Xiaomi CC9 is specially designed for mobile photography.

Sample photos that were taken by Xiaomi CC9 Front Camera

Let us look at some of the sample photos taken by Xiaomi CC9 Front Camera.

Xiaomi CC9 Front Camera Sample

beauty mode on Xiaomi CC9

Let’s talk about the selfie camera. The 32 megapixels selfie lens of Xiaomi CC9 supports AI portrait mode, backlight selfie, low light selfie, and AI low light portrait. When you use the front camera of Xiaomi CC9, you can always find the ways to make your look unique. Mini Features and Retouching can make your look even more beautiful. Moreover, you will love the Mimoji function, which creates a 3D avatar from your face. Certainly, Xiaomi CC9 will be one of the best selfie phones in the market.

Samples of 3D avatar of Mimoji function in Xiaomi CC9

Mimoji function in Xiaomi CC9

xiaomi CC9 avatar feature

Xiaomi CC9 Rear Camera

The triple camera combinations of Xiaomi CC9 are 8 megapixels super wide-angle lens, 48 ​​million Sony lens, 2 megapixels depth of field lens. The main features of the camera are the super night scene, portrait mode, background blur, AI beauty, AI scene camera, 960 frames slow motion, etc. It can be said that the camera function of Xiaomi 9 has been copied to Xiaomi CC9, and it is really conscience to carry these on a thousand yuan machine.

Sample photos that were taken by Xiaomi CC9 Rear Camera

The first is the sample photo taken in the daytime.

sample photo taken by Xiaomi CC9 1

sample photo taken by Xiaomi CC9 2

Let’s now take a look at the sample photos taken in the night and low light.

Xiaomi CC9 Night Photo

Low Light Photo of Xiaomi CC9

Low Light Photo of Xiaomi CC9Xiaomi CC9 Night Sample Photo

Verdict From our Review: We think that Xiaomi CC9 is in no way inferior to the current main-stream mobile phones available in the market today. Xiaomi CC9 really made us happy with the camera performance. If you want to buy a mobile phone solely for photography, then Xiaomi CC9 will suit your needs!

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How to connect to a router from a mobile phone


There are many situations when you don’t have access to your laptop or PC and you want to change the router setting at that time. Well, your mobile phone will come handy. You can easily control a router with your mobile phone. For this, you should be first connected to a WiFi network and have a disrupted and strong WiFi signal.

Here are the simple steps that you can follow in order to connect your smartphone to a router.

Tips: Many users are initially connected to the wifi network but the connection is broken in the midway. If you enter the URL address in your mobile’s web browser in this situation, you will definitely get an error. So, make sure that the wifi signal is not broken.

1. Enter the URL Adress in the correct place

The URL Address of the router should be entered in the address bar of your phone’s browser. This will be normally available in the top part of the browser. Do not enter the URL in the search box.

2. Enter the URL Adress correctly

Be sure to check that the URL Adress you are entering is correct. Sometimes, the dot (.) part of the URL address is replaced by the comma (,). If you enter the URL Adress incorrectly, most browsers will show the search results for that address. So, you won’t be able to connect to the router from the search result.

(1) If you don’t know the login details of your router, you can find it in the label printed on the backside of the router as shown below;

(2) Sometimes, we are unable to connect to the router even after entering the correct URL Address. This might happen if you have modified the URL Address of the router earlier. Here is a specific method to find the login URL.

Make sure that your mobile is connected to the WIFI network. Go to your WLAN setting and click on Network info. The IP of the Gateway will be the URL Address to login to the router.

(3) If you are unable to connect to the router even after trying all the steps mentioned above, there might be a problem with the cache of your web browser. It is recommended that you clear the cache and try again. If this doesn’t work, change your browser or try with a different mobile phone or pc.

Enter the correct login details of the router

Almost most of the router will automatically redirect to the admin/login page if you enter the URL address correctly. You have to enter the correct username and password to access the router’s settings interface here. Once you enter the login details correctly, you will be redirected to the admin interface. You can control your router and change the setting from this interface.

Tips: If you forget or don’t know the login details of the router, you won’t be able to login to the router. If this is the case, you can see the default username and password printed on the backside of the router. If you are still unable to login with the default username and password, you can reset the router. After resetting the router, you will be able to login with the default username and password.

If you face any problems while connecting your mobile phone to the router, please let us know. We will be happy to assist you.

Hongmeng is the Huawei’s back up operating system

According to the latest news, Google has suspended its business with Huawei. This means that Huawei will have limited access to the Android Operating System and will lose its access to Google Mobile Services (GMS) completely.

So, the question is what will happen next? Although Huawei has not given an official response, Huawei’s BG head, Yu Chengdong, wrote on social media a few days ago, “In addition to having its own chip, Huawei has a competent operating system.”

According to the Chinese sources, Huawei began planning its own operating system “Hongmeng” from 2012. It is intended to become an alternative to Google’s Android Operating system. Yu Chengdong once said, “We have already prepared our own operating system. Once we are prohibited from using these operating systems (from Google and Microsoft), we will be ready to start the B plan.”

Android By Google

Regarding “Hongmeng”, it is reported that the operating system has been optimized for Linux (open source) and has been already tested in some parts of China.

However, Huawei’s internal team said that the self-developed operating system is a backup plan in an extreme environment and is not intended to replace Android.

Regarding the negative impact of Google suspension, some analysts believe that the impact will vary on the domestic and international market. Huawei will not be affected in the domestic market, and the software ecology developed in China is relatively matured.

But for international markets, although Android is an open source project, Google Mobile Services (GMS) still needs to be authorized. GMS includes Google Maps, Gmail, YouTube, Chrome, and Google Play and other top-rated Google apps. If you want to use it, you must obtain Google’s consent and authorization, and you can’t modify it at your will.

This suspension will prevent Huawei from installing Google Mobile Services (GMS) on their upcoming mobile phones. In the absence of GMS on a mobile phone, you can’t officially use Gmail, Chrome, GooglePlay and other Google apps.

Everything has two sides. Although this suspension will hurt Huawei at the present time, it will open a new door for Huawei. Huawei will be forced to concentrate more on developing its own operating system and resources.

If Huawei can bring all the Chinese mobile manufacturers together, Hongmeng replacing Android might not be impossible.

What do you think? Please, do share your views on comments.

Download paid apps for free from Google Play Store

There are a lot of free apps on the Google Play store. But what if you want more features in the same app? You have to buy the premium version. There are also some apps that need payment before you can install them on your phone. In both cases, you must be willing to spend some money. But what if you cannot afford those paid apps? Are there any ways to download the paid apps for free?

There are many ways with which you can legally download and use paid apps for free from the Google Play Store. Actually, we are only talking about legal ways. You should never download paid apps from the Third-party store as it might come with the virus and malware.

How to download paid apps for free from Google Play Store?

So, here are some ways in which you can download the paid apps for free from the Google Play Store.

1. Use the paid for free with Trail Versions

There are many paid apps on Google Play Store which offer trial versions. You can download the trial version and use it. If you are happy with the trial version, you can, later on, buy it.

2. Get a paid app for free by translating it

Most of the applications on the Google Play Store only support one language, i,e. English. So, if you see a paid app and you want to use it without paying anything. The best thing to do is to contact the developer of that app and offer him the translation of the app into your language. He/She will happily let you download the app for free once you translate the app into your language.

3. Find alternatives to the paid apps

It is not that free apps are always bad and paid apps have always more features. There are many free apps that have more features than a paid app. So, you must be able to find the alternative. This also depends on your needs. For example, you can find a lot of photo editing apps in the Google Play store with In-app-purchases Option. You can download Snapseed or similar app as an alternative. If you use the alternative app, nobody will force you to use the paid app and you can get the same features as paid apps.

4. AppSales: Paid Apps Gone Free & On Sale

Did you know, developers put their paid apps on sale for free for a limited time on the Google Play Store. So with the help of an app like AppSales, you can find which apps are free at the current time. It will also notify you about the price decrease so that you can get the paid app at a discounted price. AppSales have a manual review process so that you can get the best and hottest sales are published.

5. Early access and beta testing apps

Some developers want to test the new apps or features before releasing the stable version to the general public in order to get user feedback. You can try these apps or features by joining early access or beta programs. You can get a beta version of paid apps for free with early access and beta testing apps.

6. Google Opinion Rewards

You can earn Google Play credit by answering quick surveys with Google Opinion Rewards. You will usually get one survey once a week. You can earn up to $1 for each completed survey. You can use this credit to purchase the paid apps on the Google Play Store.

Note: This app is only available in the U.S. and some European countries.

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Do you know about any other ways of downloading the paid apps for free from the Google Play Store? If yes, please, do mention in the comments section.

SUGAR C11 64-megapixel camera is the highest megapixel camera phone

Do you know about the highest megapixel camera phone? The inclusions of the 20-megapixel camera sensor on the mobile phone has been normal these days but what about 64-megapixel camera phone? Today we are talking about a camera phone which has a 64-megapixel camera. It is probably the highest megapixel camera phone up to date.

There are a bunch of full-screen mobile phones available on the market today. But today we are going to introduce you with a full-screen mobile phone, which is different from other full-screen mobile phones. Sugar, an unfamiliar mobile manufacturer from China has recently launched a new smartphone SUGAR C11 with a 64-megapixel camera. This smartphone is equipped with 5.7-inch, 18: 9 full-screen display. It is quite surprising that the resolution of 64-megapixels Camera Phone is just 720P. The rear panel of SUGAR C11 is made of metal and fingerprint has been placed in the rear. The screen to body ratio is 83%.

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The most surprising thing about SUGAR C11 is its camera. Not only is it equipped with 20 megapixels + 8-megapixel dual front camera, but the company also claims that although its rear lens is only 16 megapixels, it produces a 64-megapixel high-definition photo with multi-frame compositing. Thanks to the Visidon technology used in SUGAR C11. The picture detail remains clear even when enlarged to 22x. For those who like to take pictures, this feature is still relatively new.

SUGARC11 is the 64-megapixel camera phone

We are already familiar with the 20-megapixel camera sensor used in OPPO R11 20 megapixels and 24-megapixel camera sensor used in Vivo X20. These devices can provide users with excellent photo experience. This candy SUGARC11’s 64-megapixel camera looks more attractive on papers, but we aren’t sure if it can establish itself as the highest megapixels camera phone in terms of performance.

We would like to hear your views regarding the 64-megapixel camera used in SUGAR C11. Can we really call it the highest megapixel camera phone?