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Tech writers wanted, get featured on our site


Hi all,

Thank you very much for landing on our site. You might have noticed that the site is still under construction and is not updated regularly. We are not able to provide our commitment to this site. If you are a jobholder, you should be familiar with how difficult it is to manage time between your job and interests.

Let’s come to the point. The aim of this site is to provide readers with unique and relevant content related to tech, emphasizing more on smartphones. This includes but is not limited to tech news, updates on gadgets, reviews, coupons, and deals.

So, if any of you guys are interested to write content for giznp.com, don’t hesitate to contact us. The writer should be interested in gadgets and he/she must have good writing skills. The most important thing is that we want unique content for our site. As the site is new, we can’t assure¬†any compensation right now. However, we will feature your article with due credit.

You can reach us directly at info@giznp.com. You can also leave your comments if you are interested.

Thank You.